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Explore. Empower. Enlighten. 

November 3-14, 2014

What is the Festival of Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities (FURCA)? 

Well, technically speaking - a "furca" is a two-pronged fork. Kinda like a fondue fork. We didn't plan it that way, but as is often the case in research...it just works. Why?  Because FURCA (the celebration) brings together all of our favourite things: undergraduate students and research. Research and creative activities. Teaching and research. You get the idea.

FURCA 2014: Explore. Empower. Enlighten. 

In its first year, FURCA brought together more than 25 different groups for various events, reaching more than 2000 undergraduate students from across all disciplines. This year, FURCA's back, with more of what students have asked for:

  • Opportunities to explore undergraduate research & creative activities.
  • Events & activities that empower students to take their first steps (or next steps!) in research. 
  • A celebration of enlightening research and creative activities by U of A students. 

What's happening during FURCA?

Here's just a sampling of the major events happening during FURCA this year:

Support our FURCA Crowdfunding Campaign!

From Monday, September 29 to Tuesday, October 28, the URI will be running a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and awareness for FURCA. The power of crowdfunding is that it allows individuals to support a campaign they care about for as little as $5 -- and helps URI build a campus-wide culture of undergraduate research. You can support us by giving to the campaign or by helping to spread the word through your contacts and social media. 

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